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Beijing Fineland IP Firm agent Wang Yongsheng's patent review case for honeysuckle health tea production process was a complete success

The agent of Beijing Fineland IP Firm believes that the processes in the production process of this application are different from the comparison document 1 in the whole process. The production steps and parameters of the honeysuckle tea of this application are the creativity after consulting a large amount of data and experiment adjustment. Labor, production process to maintain the shape, taste, color and health effects of honeysuckle to the greatest extent, the honeysuckle health tea produced is rich in flavor, refreshing, soft, long-lasting, foam-resistant and refreshing, and has good health effects. And the combination with Comparative Document 1 and common sense is non-obvious, with outstanding substantive features and significant progress.

The Patent Reexamination Board canceled the original refusal decision made by the State Intellectual Property Office on August 5, 2014, and the original review department continued to review.