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Fineland IP Firm walked into Hebei University of Science and Technology to help protect intellectual property rights in colleges and universities!

Put the current situation of colleges and universities, and help the intellectual property protection! Today (July 11), invited by the leaders of Hebei Institute of Science and Technology, in order to improve the awareness of intellectual property protection among teachers and research teams of the school, Fineland IP Firm Intellectual Property Expert Team came to Hebei Institute of Science and Technology to launch a “patent declaration related intellectual property rights”. The special training meeting brought the latest patent information and professional patent layout knowledge to the faculty and research team of the whole school! At present, the training is in full swing, let us take a sneak peek!



The leaders of Hebei Science and Technology University gave an opening speech and expected the professional training of Fineland IP Firm to bring more knowledge about intellectual property to schools and teachers! Promote the development of scientific research and innovation in the college, and improve the ability of school research and transformation!



A handful of conference training materials, full of dry goods, professional knowledge plus the above-mentioned round of Jiahe technical support Chang teacher's vivid explanation, today is bound to be a special feast of intellectual property!


as expected! The academic lecture hall is full of people! More than 200 teachers and researchers in the school are listening carefully to the professional explanations of Chang teacher! Mr. Chang introduced the relevant contents and precautions of the patent application in a simple way, and proposed a feasible patent layout protection plan on the status quo of the intellectual property rights of the college and the perspective of teachers' scientific research and innovation! That's right! Professional is this fan!


With the increasing role of intellectual property rights in economic development, the development of modern universities is increasingly inseparable from intellectual property rights. School is one of the important subjects to promote the development of scientific research innovation, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is the focus and difficulty of many universities and research institutes. This requires schools to do a good job in patent layout and improve the scientific research strength and scientific and technological achievements transformation ability of the university. In addition, the school teachers and students have many inventions and creations in the process of teaching and research. They need to obtain protection through patents, obtain operational transformation ability, teachers assess titles, and obtain higher scientific research ability recognition.



Therefore, colleges and universities urgently need to pay attention to the layout of patents and raise awareness of intellectual property protection! The combination of universities and intellectual property service enterprises is a favorable measure to promote the development of intellectual property in China. This time, the “IP Power +” team of Fineland IP Firm Intellectual Property entered the Hebei Institute of Science and Technology, which is conducive to enhancing the scientific research ability and innovative protection awareness of teachers and students, enhancing the transformation ability of their innovation achievements, and forming a scientific research combination of study, research and protection. Protect the model and promote regional economic innovation and development!


Fineland IP Firm  "IP Power +" is aimed at all enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other subjects, focusing on the focus, service, helping each entity to customize the strategic layout of intellectual property, enhance market competitiveness, and use intellectual property to create maximum benefits. If you need it, Fineland IP Firm is at your side! PICK ME!