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2022 national high technology enterprise certification, need to prepare in advance!

In recent years, with the development of economy and technological progress, the state vigorously supports the development of high technology enterprises, and more and more loose entrepreneurship policies make the number of high-tech enterprises grow rapidly.


However, it is also because of the rapid growth of the number of high enterprises, so that the policy of high enterprise identification is gradually tightened, the declaration of the review standard is more and more strict, so it is best for the enterprise to declare the high-tech enterprise identification to start to prepare as soon as possible, only more preparation, the success rate will be higher.


Sort out the Intellectual Property Rights situation in advance


One of the hard conditions for high technology enterprises is that they must have independent core intellectual property rights. It is clearly pointed out in the Guidelines for The Identification and Management of High-tech Enterprises that an enterprise without intellectual property rights cannot be identified as a high technology  enterprise.

According to the Work Guidelines, the evaluation of high technology enterprises adopts a scoring system, in which the core independent intellectual property rights are the primary index, accounting for up to 30 scores.


In addition, nowadays, high-quality evaluation is no longer just a situation where quantity can get high scores, but also reflects the existence of quality, which is reflected in the types of intellectual property rights, relevance to products and advanced technology.

Therefore, the enterprise must plan the intellectual property technology as soon as possible to ensure both quantity and quality.


Transforming scientific and technological achievements as soon as possible

Transformation of scientific and technological achievements refers to the transformation of scientific research and technological development into achievements of practical value.Its main achievements generally have hardware, software, technology, methods, services and so on, and the side achievements generally have standards, patents, papers, drawings, works, reports and so on.


The transformation of scientific and technological achievements is another high item in the evaluation and identification conditions of high-tech enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should do a good job of project evaluation positioning in the early stage of planning, pay attention to project management, and establish a system to ensure that risks can be controlled. At the same time, it can also use external forces to break through technical problems, so as to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of enterprises, so as to get high marks in the score.


Collect and identify research and development expenses


In the guidelines for the identification of high-tech enterprises, the collection scope of research and development costs is clearly defined: personnel labor costs, direct input costs, depreciation costs and long-term deferred costs, intangible assets amortization costs, design costs, equipment commissioning costs and test costs, commissioned external research and development costs and other costs. At the same time, it is clearly pointed out that enterprises should list research and development expenses separately and list them separately to specific research and development projects.


If the enterprise in the prophase development expenditure are not single to the project are not even listed in books alone research and development, so inevitably leads to high enterprise financial personnel in the declaration that, only temporary, in accordance with requirements of the "work instruction", item by item according to the project of research and development expenses summarize, decided that the workload is very big, sometimes even are made useless. Therefore, collecting financial expenses in advance is a very important preparation link.


Establish reasonable human resource structure in advance


Besides, a reasonable personnel structure also needs to be established in advance. It is clearly stipulated that research and development personnel should account for more than 10% of the total number of employees in the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises should carry out professional and systematic planning of human resources and establish a sound human resource system to meet the development needs of the company and employees.


Rules for scoring new and high technology enterprises


The innovation capability of enterprises is mainly evaluated by four indexes: intellectual property rights, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, organization and management level of research and development, and enterprise growth.


Ⅰ. Intellectual Property Rights(≤30 scores)


First kind: Invention patents (including national defense patents), new plant varieties, state-level crop varieties, national new drugs, state-level Traditional Chinese medicine protected varieties, exclusive rights of integrated circuit layout design, etc.  

Second kind: utility model patents, design patents, software Copyrights (excluding trademarks).  


Ⅱ. Ability to transform scientific and technological achievements (≤30 scores)


Forms: investment by oneself, transfer to others, permit others to use, jointly implement transformation with others, valuation investment, conversion of shares or proportion of capital contribution, and other methods determined through negotiation.

Basis: product, service, sample, prototype, etc. Documentation should be comprehensive, diverse, professional and clear.


Ⅲ. Research and development organization management level (≤20 scores)


Ⅳ. Enterprise growth (≤20 scores)


Net assets = Total assets - Total liabilities

Net asset growth rate = 1/2 (net asset at the end of the second year ÷ net asset at the end of the first year + net asset at the end of the third year ÷ net asset at the end of the second year) -1

Sales revenue growth rate = 1/2 (sales revenue in the second year ÷ sales revenue in the first year + sales revenue in the third year ÷ sales revenue in the second year) -1

Note: if the growth rate of net assets or sales revenue is negative, it will be calculated as 0 points. If net assets or sales income is 0 at the end of the first year, it shall be calculated as the following two years; If net assets or sales income is 0 at the end of the second year, it shall be calculated as 0 marks.


Enterprises applying for recognition of high-tech enterprises can enjoy preferential policies such as tax exemption, talent introduction, bonus points for listing and capital subsidies ranging from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. For enterprises, there is no harm in profit.