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The trademark is estimated to be 2,000 yuan, selling 400,000 yuan, a 200-fold increase!

Trademark has the same mysterious value, and its value is changing anytime and anywhere with its fame, operation, market demand and so on. Therefore, the trademark value can not be accurately estimated, and there are a lot of uncertainty.

It is precisely because of the uncertainty of the trademark price that the trademark trading market has always attracted the attention of the business community, and there are rumors of sky-high trademark transactions from time to time.


Recently, a trademark has been sold at a "sky-high price".


Trademark 九穗儿 is estimated to be 2,000 yuan, but was sold at 200,000 yuan which is 200 times as high as the estimated price.

Trademark 九穗儿 under the name of an ecological plantation in Tiantai County was auctioned. According to data from the Trademark Office,Trademark 九穗儿 was submitted application on August 09, 2007 and approved for registration on September 14, 2009. Its designated goods are fresh fruits, fresh grapes, oranges and so on in class 31.


At first, the evaluation of this trademark was only 2,000 yuan, and the starting price was only 1,500 yuan. However, after several rounds of auctions, the trademark was sold at 402,000 yuan, 200 times the estimated price!




Ipad trademark, valued at $60 million


In 2001, Weiguan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. registered the Ipad trademark in China and other countries around the world to produce an Internet personal access device, and later went bankrupt due to poor management. Eight years later, Ipad entered China, trademark infringement disputes followed.

After three hearings, the case was finally decided against Apple.


In June 2012, the Guangdong Provincial High Court announced that Apple had paid $60 million to resolve the Ipad trademark dispute.

Apple, a well-known company, was forced to buy four letters for $60 million in China because it did not first register the Ipad trademark.


Examples like this are too numerous to enumerate.

The TV series "芈月传" once became popular. After reading the novel, a young man in Zhengzhou registered the word "芈月" as a trademark, and its price later rose from hundreds of thousands to millions. Less than three months after the approval and registration of the trademark "酱酒部落", it attracted the attention of more than 20 leaders in the wine industry, they have snapped up the trademark to buy it, and some have even offered a sky-high price of 10 million.


Trademark Assignment, Shortcut to obtain Trademark

With the development of innovation and knowledge economy, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the value and protection of intellectual property rights. As an important part of intellectual property rights, trademark is a symbol of a corporate brand. Generally speaking, there are usually two ways to obtain a trademark, one is to register the trademark directly, and the other is to obtain the mark by assignment.

Compared with trademark registration, trademark assignment can quickly assign the trademark, quickly obtain the trademark and establish the brand. 

Trademark assignment is the act that the trademark registrant assigns the exclusive right to use the trademark to the other party in accordance with the legal procedure during the period of validity of the registered trademark. Generally, there are three forms: contract assignment, successive assignment and assignment caused by administrative order.

The applicant may entrust an agency qualified for trademark agency to assign trademark, or he may directly handle the matter at the Trademark Office Trademark Registration Hall.

Of course, the premise of trademark assignment is that applicant must own the trademark,must be the holder of the trademark and the trademark must be within the period of validity.