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Jenny Wang(Attorney)




Professional field


Chinese and international trademark (Registration, Opposition, Review, Announcement of invalidation, Assignment and Licensing, Renewal and other trademark related services ).


Chinese and international patent (Invention, Design, Utility model) application, international patent application, patent infringement, patent invalidation, warning and analysis of cases.


Copyrights, Enforcement, Litigation and other relative intellectual property cases.



Professional experience


Graduated from Hebei Science and Technology University in 2012 and joined in Beijing Fineland IP Firm in 2016.


She majored in international economic and trading in the university and accumulated some knowledge and experience in accelerating overseas business cooperation. With four years practicing in overseas trading cooperation, now she is pursuing learning the knowledge of business management in Hebei University for master's degree at the same time working in Beijing Fineland IP Firm, through learning related knowledge and practical experience, she aims to provide clients much better advice and methods for IP protection with practical company operation and marketing promotion. At current she is doing her best to accumulating experience and providing professional service and protecting every client’s intellectual property legal right.



Social activities


Member of Intellectual Property Research Institute of China


Working languages


Chinese  English